BB’s Coffee & Muffins

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Bb’s is a UK wide and Irish café chain. We’re all about delicious, freshly made food and a warm welcome. None of our stores are the same – we reserve the right to have our fun with every single one of them to create a relaxing environment for you to chill out in or to meet your friends.

We currently have over 120 unique muffin recipes (you should see one of our muffin tastings), a range of barista-made coffees, and an ever-changing menu of artisan savoury foods to keep your taste buds tingling from morning until evening.

We also have a growing range of gluten-free products, including freshly baked muffins and toasties. At the heart of every bb’s coffee shop is a kitchen where all our muffins are made every day from scratch, so if you like tasty food, you’re in good company. Check out for the latest exiting news on bb’s

monday 7:30am - 6pm
tuesday 7:30am - 6pm
wednesday 7:30am - 6pm
thursday 7:30am - 6pm
friday 7:30am - 6pm
saturday 7:30am - 6pm
sunday 7:30am - 6pm

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